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Host a drive:

Interested in providing essential products to those currently without? Collect products by hosting a Healthy Minds Outreach Coalition drive! 


Holding a drive is an easy way to help adults and children while engaging your community and spreading the word about the need for these critical products.


To host an HMOC drive, simply follow the steps below:

1.  Select your drive date(s) and location. A drive can last a day, a week, a month. Pick a length of time and a      

      drive  location that works for you and your community.

2.  Register your drive with HMOC. Email us to tell us about your drive! This will allow us to assist you as you              complete your drive.

3.  Publicize your event. Tell your community about your product collection and HMOC.

4.  Collect personal care products. Track incoming products and keep on spreading the word!

5.  Deliver products to HMOC. Contact Sherika Allen at 804-479-3562 or to set up a

     time to drop off collected products to our office located at 1250 E. Washington St in Petersburg, VA.



Add a smile to someone's face by donating clothes to our foundation that you no longer wear. Brighten up a child's day by donating old toys. Help keep someone warm by donating blankets and shoes. Our communities need you. Please don't let them down.  


Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.


Where does my donation go?


How we use your donations: all donations will go to the community to help those in need. 

We accept monetary donations through PayPal.


We at Healthy Minds Outreach Coalition  THANK YOU for your support!

Accepted donations:

We accept the following categories of items on behalf of Healthy Minds Outreach Coalition















Clothing & shoes

Men's, women's, children’s



Hats, mittens, scarves, ties, socks, purses, wallets, backpacks, bags


Toys, games, puzzles, stuffed animals



Pots, pans, utensils, dishes, cutlery, glassware, silverware, stemware

Other textiles

Bed/bath towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, curtains, tablecloths


HMOC is a tax-exempt nonprofit under IRS code 501(c)3. Tax number 81-3854161.

Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

Volunteer application

Family intake form

Personal hygiene:

Supplying basic items like a bar of soap or a tube of deodorant can help improve the health and self-esteem of a person in need. 

Healthy Minds Outreach Coalition works with organizations and schools to provide toiletries kits filled with items that an individual need to feel healthy and clean: soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. In addition to distributing products, partner organizations teach young people about the importance of good hygiene and appropriate product use, inspiring health and confidence long term.

Food Items

Canned tuna, salmon or chicken; canned fruits, canned vegetables, brown & white rice, pasta, macaroni & cheese; canned or dry beans, hot & cold cereal, healthy snacks, peanut butter, jelly and tomato products.

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